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Project Name DescriptionCreation DateStatus
abrtAutomatic bug detection and reporting toolDec 22, 2014Active
accessibility-guideUsing Fedora with a visual, hearing, or mobility impairmentDec 22, 2014Read-only
amateur-radio-guideamateur-radio-guideDec 23, 2014Read-only
anacondaFedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS installer.Jan 5, 2015Active
Anaconda Addon Development GuideDec 22, 2014Read-only
appstream-glibThis library makes it easy to read and write AppStream metadata.Aug 6, 2016Active
asknot-ngThe site at http://whatcanidoforfedora.orgFeb 14, 2015Active
audit-viewerAudit event viewer (Note: Unlikely to have future releases; please submit translations via a bug.)Mar 21, 2015Read-only
authconfigA simple tool for configuration of user identity and authentication on a systemJan 5, 2015Active
BlivetA python module for configuration of block devicesJan 5, 2015Active
blivet-guiGUI tool for storage configuration using blivet libraryApr 7, 2016Active
Ceph Manager ClientsJan 12, 2016Read-only
certmongercertmonger is a D-Bus-based service that simplify CAs on networks which use PKI. Jan 5, 2015Active
chkconfigA system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchyJan 5, 2015Active
Classified adsClassified ads is a distributed communications toolMar 25, 2016Active